171 Tremont Road Bass Harbor ME 04653 USA

The Mission of Tremont Congregational Church

By means of the Holy Spirit, we seek to love the Lord through worship, giving thanks, and through loving our fellow humans by serving them as ambassadors and priests of Christ, and by making disciples, telling others about the Gospel, baptizing those who believe, and teaching all He told us, so we can all grow into unity of faith and Christ-likeness.

                                                OUR STORY

The Tremont Congregational Church (TCC) was founded in 1895, overlooking Bass 
Harbor and providing a daily beacon for sailors returning from sea. The land was purchased  with funds raised by the Ladies Guild through public suppers and bake sales. The sanctuary  was built with the sweat of the men of the congregation.  

The congregation was manifested by  the grace of the Holy Spirit which inspired hard working families to labor and bring an inspired  vision to full fruit. Many of these founding families are still represented in the congregation  today. We  are guided by the historic church, our faith and the bedrock of that faith, the Holy scriptures.
Our church is a true sanctuary, a place where we
worship our Lord as a community, raise our young, bury our departed, atone for our sins, pray  for our sick, praise our blessings, pursue our missions and seek truth in our ever growing faith.

The heart of this congregation beats in recognition of our creator, our one true God and His 

Mailing Address: PO Box 6, Bernard, ME 04612